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Let us know your sports and training location. You can review a list of safe and well-qualified coach and sort by distance, price and reviews. Simply choose the one you like. We could recommend you some great coaches.

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I’m able to browse through the list and choose the trainer that I would like to work with! Yuen sir has been amazing in working with me to develop my fitness and core stability by utilizing his experience in HK team.

Raymond So

We were referred to CoachUs to look for a suitable coach to deliver squash class to my friends and I as a small group of 3. Scheduling and communicating with the coach has never been so easy through CoachUs! Coach Elise is awesome too!

Kim Lau

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Daniel believes in training hard but smart. Therefore he trains client in strength and conditioning, preparing clients for the daily demands of life and sports through functional training. CrossFit level 1 trainer CrossFit weightlifting trainer NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Certified Bulgarian bag specialist Certified ViPR instructor Powerplate certified Agatsu Master of Movement

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Stephen is an experienced running coach with scientific knowledge as well as excellent running experience and record.

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(Chinese Only) 阮兆綸練習空手道超過二十年,考取世界空手道聯盟頒發黑帶四段資格,曾為香港空手隊代表隊及香港體育學院精英運動員,畢業於香港中文大學運動科學碩士,現為拳剛會青衣道場教練,香港城市大學空手道隊主教練,亦是私人體適能教練,其中參與奧夢成真計劃體適能計劃,擔任多間中學的校隊體能訓練工作,同時亦為女子排球隊的運動創傷防護員,集運動醫學科學於一身,令學者更有效,更安全地訓練。

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HK Former No.1 Player

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Former HK cycling team member Joyce has shown deep interest in cycling since young. With hard work and faith in success, she succeed in becoming a professional athlete and now as a coach especially for development levels.

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See how Roberto Lasaodo enjoys a day of sports with 3 former Hong Kong professional athletes. Be part of the move. Sports is a lifestyle.

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